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Special Pubs need Protecting

Special Pubs that are historical, have strong social or cultural qualities and benefits need to be given protection and saved.  There is nothing more rewarding than giving an old Pub building a new lease of life with the enthusiasm of a new owner and with community behind it too.


29 Pubs a week are closing according to statistics from The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)


Pubs need Protection

Whether a Pub is in such poor condition and is going to be demolished or plans are to convert the Pub for other uses such as residential or for another business Pubs need saving. Pubs are a centre for a community, a hub and a place where people can meet – many are recognised as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).


I come from a culture where the Pub is the centre of the community.  The Pub is the Internet.  It’s where information is gathered, collated and addressed.

Rhys Ifans

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Why are Pubs Closing?

Many Pubs across the UK have closed, there has been a decline since 1980 and in the last 6 years, according to the Cask Ale Report, 5000 pubs have closed their doors for the last time.


There are several factors that have influenced the decline of the Pub including rising taxation, changes in regulations as well as an economy where the public’s disposable income has declined.  On 1st July 2007 smoking was banned in public places which many believe had an effect on the Pub trade and in 2008 the Government introduced the Alcohol Duty Escalator, which automatically increased duties at 2% above inflation.


Other factors that have aided the decline in Pubs include cultural changes and a reduction in alcohol drinking and in particular beer consumption decline.  Many have preferred at home drinking rather than a trip to their local pub which has also impacted the Pub trade’s decline.

How has Pub trade changed?

Almost half of our British Pubs are run by Pub companies with the two largest being Enterprise Inns and Punch Taverns.  If you are a tenant running a Pub and paying rent on the Pub building you are bound via contract to purchase drinks from the Pub company at a price that is higher than the wholesale market price.  Rather than buying a Pub freehold taking on a lease is beneficial to the licensee as they find this a lower cost method of entering the Pub trade however it also leaves them open to increases in rent and tied into buying drinks at set prices.

The Monopolies and Mergers Commission

The Monopolies and Mergers Commission in 1989 changed the Pub trade deeming it unfair that a small number of brewers dominated the Pub trade.  The legislation limited the number of Pubs a brewery could own to 2000.  The other important change brought in with this legislation was that Pub tenants could sell a guest beer from another supplier thereby not being totally tied into the brewery.

It is reported that today that even after the efforts of The Monopolies and Mergers Commission 75% of beer drunk in Britain is from four breweries – as in many sectors there are a few companies that dominate the trade.

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Pubs closing

Recession hit Britain and with the property crash the Pub trade declined this had a big effect on the share prices dropping to a fraction of their previous rate for the likes of Punch Taverns and Enterprise Inns.  This brought about closure of many Pubs although some that were closed by the large breweries were taken on by independents.

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Save Your Pub

 "Holes in the current planning system allow pubs to be sold off, demolished or converted to many other uses without planning permission or the involvement of the local community. However when a pub is nominated as an Asset of Community Value it automatically receives planning protection meaning it is no longer a soft target to would-be developers looking to quickly purchase and convert or demolish the pub – which in some instances has literally happened overnight." 

Tom Stainer, CAMRA's Head of Communications.


Communities have come together to buy their Pub such as the Craufurd Arms in Maidenhead, Berkshire, which was identified as an Asset of Community Value and was purchased by a local community group.  The campaign to save the Craufurd Arms and bringing together of the community to take on and run their local Pub is encouraging to anyone wishing to keep the spirit of their local Pub as a centre of a community alive.

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