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Pub building surveys




Don't lease a Pub without a Pub Survey

Our Expert Building Surveyors will save you Time and Money 



How our Surveyors can help you

Running a Pub is not just about the business it is about the property too and your liabilities associated with this.  Having an Independent Surveyor carry out a structural survey on the pub is wise as you are responsible for the whole building and dilapidations can be a costly situation to be in if not protected by our Schedule of Condition.  


Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

Instruct our experienced pub Surveyors today to help you to negotiate the best deal and ensure you are protected.



Having an experienced Building Surveyor on board who is familiar with the issues and problems commonly found in public houses, hotels, restaurants, cafes etc. is always a good idea as this will help you to make an informed decision on the



Take a look at our useful informationPlease call our expert Pub Building Surveyors, we will be glad to

 help you with your new business   





Buying or leasing a Public House?  You need an Independent Surveyor!

It is essential to have a Structural Survey and Schedule of Condition carried out by an expert Independent Building Surveyor when buying or leasing a pub as it no doubt will save you thousands and thousands of pounds.


Public houses come in many shapes and sizes and can be the heart of the community or the best place to eat or get together. Nothing beats a good pub whether wet trade based or food based. 


However it is also your business, your livelihood and your reputation! Pubs can be a great way to make Money or lose Money - Free Phone 0800 298 5424.  

We can save you Time and Money - we have Expert Knowledge on Pubs to Help You.


Remember you are not just taking on the business but the building too so protect yourself with a Schedule of Condition.


a schedule of condition is essential

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A Schedule of Condition is essential when you lease a pub



Independent Building Surveyors - helping protect your interests!


Over the years our Building Surveyors have carried out surveys on all ages, types and styles of pubs including country pubs, high street pubs, venue pubs, real ale pubs as well as pubs with restaurants and accommodation. 


We can share our vast knowledge of the pub industry with you and advise you so that you make the right decision regarding your future pub based on the issues we find within the property and the costs to resolve them or your liability in relation to a leasehold pub.  


We have also had vast experience of surveying large portfolios of licensed premises for leisure companies and brewers.



Independent Surveyors protect your interests


Why don't you take a look at an example pub survey?

We have many, many years of experience of surveying pubs.  Click on an area below for an example survey or free phone us on 0800 298 5424









Are You Buying or Leasing a Pub? 

If you are in the process of buying or leasing a public house it is essential to have a Pub Survey carried out by an experienced Independent Building Surveyor, we can help you negotiate saving you time and money as well as limiting your liabilities. 


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