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A Schedule of Condition is essential when you Lease a Pub

Why it is essential to have a Schedule of Condition when leasing a Pub?


If your Solicitor has not already advised you that you need to have a Schedule of Condition carried out when you are considering leasing a pub then you should firstly be concerned about your Solicitor and secondly you should read the following!  


When you take on a lease you will find that 99.9% of the time you will be taking on a Full Repairing and Insuring lease. This means that you are responsible for any repairs, the re-decoration and statutory regulations on the termination of the lease.


Most leases will require you to hand the pub back in a better condition than when you first take over the lease. This is very important to know as it has cost many Pub leaseholders tens of thousands of pounds over the years as they were unaware that they were responsible for giving the pub back in the condition stated in the lease and not the condition that they took it on.


 Therefore it is crucial that you obtain advice from a qualified Building Surveyor who will advise you of the condition of the property and your liabilities in the form of a Schedule of Condition. 

A Schedule of Condition protects you from property problems and Dilaps saving you money


A Pub Schedule of Condition will help protect you against future claims by your Landlord as it records the condition of the pub when you take on the lease and can protect you from thousands and thousands of pounds in Dilapidations liabilities.  


Without this you will have to return it in the condition as set out within the Full Repairing and Insuring lease which, as mentioned earlier,  will usually state it as being in good order even if you receive the property in poor condition! 


We have dealt with so many disputes over the years where the leaseholder states that the property was in a poor condition when they took it on and that they have in fact repaired it to a better standard.  This will not matter -  you are legally obligated to return it to the standard stated in the lease.    


 A Pub Schedule of Condition is essential to be appended to the lease - our Surveyors will help limit your liabilities


A Pub Schedule of Condition will enable you to agree with the Landlord the condition of the property when you start to lease it, which should be signed and appended to the lease.  The Schedule of Condition ensures that you are not liable for any repairs that should have been carried out by the previous tenant or indeed the landlord. This can make a massive financial difference when Dilapidations claims are typically moving into six figures for an average sized pub or restaurant.  


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