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Freehold Pubs - our Structural Pub Surveys are essential saving you time and money

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Pub building survey essential to save you money

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Why an Independent Pub Surveyor

is best for you?


Buying a pub can be a fantastic business decision and may be driven by emotion as well as the obvious financial and location appeal

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All our Building Surveyors are experts in pub properties from Listed period pubs to modern town pubs and with their expertise can provide comprehensive advice and save you money too.

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Independent Pub Surveyors work for you and only you with your best interests at heart getting you the best results and providing you with all the information you need to make the right decisions.

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Buying a Freehold Pub? - don't buy a problem property ensure you have our Building Survey!


When buying a freehold pub it means that you fully own the property and will therefore  have full responsibility for the maintenance and repairs of the property.  Our Chartered Independent Building Surveyors have carried out many surveys on many types of public houses, restaurants and hotels over the many years we have been surveying. These cover a full range of building types including Listed properties and purpose built properties. 


Our specialist Surveyors have years of experience of surveying pubs and can help to put you in the best position when buying a pub.


The adjacent article gives further information on the difference between freehold and leasehold acquisitions:

Our Plain English Survey Reports 

 Our survey reports give a detailed description of the pub property and any problems. The reports include an Executive Summary highlighting the main issues that we find during the survey. We then explain each problem in plain English, we advise you of the solution and lastly we advise you of the cost: this allows you to negotiate on the price of the property.


We have developed our survey reports  over several decades, after listening to feedback from our clients. We have made them easy to understand with issues described clearly, using photos and sketches to explain the problems further. You will not be disappointed with our reports. 


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 Freehold and Leasehold Article 

Freehold and leasehold explainedFreehold and leasehold explained



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