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Planning Permission, Listed Buildings, Community Value, The Carlton Tavern and what you can and cannot do to a pub

Building Surveys for every type of Pub

Here at Pub Surveyor we love pubs, all the different types from traditional ale pubs, food orientated pubs and restaurants and pubs with hotels as well as the history that goes with the pubs and the Brewery.  Over the many years we have carried out building surveys on so many pubs of every age, type and style that we have lost count! 

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Freehold and Leasehold Pubs

We have met the most interesting of Pub Landlords, Brewery, Pub Property Owners, Pub Area Managers, Pub Business Development Managers or similar title they have over the years.  We have met some of the Pub Surveyors of old who literally did know the pub properties inside out. 

We have even met a watchsmith who used to deal with one of the large breweries and all of their antique clocks that the brewery had been gathered over time as they took over one brewery after another brewery having a half a dozen or so large breweries.  Breweries becoming bigger and controlling the market place is something that The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has helped us move away from with smaller specialist breweries becoming popular.

Much has changed over the years particularly the moving to leased pubs and dilapidations claims that follow.



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Mergers and Monopolies Commission 1990s

leasing a pubSomewhere along the line the pub world went wrong?

Mergers and Monopolies Commission in the 1990s limited the number of pubs that you could own and brew beer, which changed the pub world forever be it good or bad.

Pubs and Developers

We have had in more recent times developers picking off pubs to develop housing developments and flat developments and change of Use.  We have heard stories (although whether this is true or not we don't know from personal experience) that some developers who buy pubs regardless of whether they are Listed or not and knock them down and develop houses on the site and take any fines along the way. 

Redundant Pubs and Pubs said to be closing one per week

It is widely reported that many pubs are now redundant and closing one per week or changing into Chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants, Italian restaurants etc - we even know one entrepreneur that changes pubs into antique rooms as well as of course pubs being changed into flats and houses, which seems to have been going on for many, many years. 


It could be argued that sometimes redevelopment is the only way forward to save the building perhaps at some stage developers just got a bit too greedy.  This all came to ahead with The Carlton Tavern see the photos below.

 The Carlton Tavern - the pub that changed everything!

  Carlton Tavern Pub    


carlton tavern aerial view



Aerial view carlton tavern pub


 The Carlton Tavern, Carlton Vale, Kilburn, London



Historic pub torn down by bulldozers



 Carlton Tavern to be re-built brick by brick



The Carlton Tavern, Carlton Vale, Kilburn, London.

The Carlton Tavern is a London pub, once one of the Charrington & Co pubs, in Carlton Vale, Kilburn, London, which is much more now not a pub as, from what we understand of the story, developers got hold of the pub property and knocked down the pub before Planning Permission was granted.  As had been the case up until then the developers expected to get retrospective Planning Permission then approval for whatever development they were going to build in the form of houses and flats. But in this case Westminster Council said that enough was enough and have said that they have to rebuild The Carlton Tavern brick by brick just as it was.  This has had an interesting effect on the pub industry / the developers who thought the pub industry was a prime market for picking off residential development sites and other developments such as Mcdonalds, Costa Coffee, Starbucks etc.

pub surveyorsDevelopers and Assets of Community Value

Developers now do have to consider that if they do buy a pub they will not be able to go ahead with their development one way or another without quite a substantial risk of having to rebuild if they jump the gun and if they do not jump the gun then of course they need to make provision either to shut the pub down and secure it or to keep the property running as a pub.


The only pub in the Area / Village

There are, of course, Planning restrictions on all properties, one of the ones that commonly comes up with regard to pubs is that is it the last pub or amenity in the village and tends to be very difficult to change it to a house or anything else.  There is such a strong connection with a pub in an idyllic village with the shop and church with a village pub being the hub of the community.

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Asset of Community Value Register

The Asset of Community Value Register was introduced by the Localism Act 2011. The Localism Act identified that if a town or village was going to lose a public house this could be a real loss to the community if closed or redeveloped for private use.

The Localism Act 2011

The Localism Act necessitates local authorities to maintain a list of assets of community value, which have been proposed by the local community. When listed assets come up for sale or change of ownership, the Localism Act then gives community groups the time to develop a bid and raise the funds to bid to buy the asset when it appears on the open market. This will help local communities preserve much-loved sites in public use and part of local life.

protection for dilapsList your Pub as a Community Asset

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) established in 1971 have been campaigning ever since for protecting pubs.  CAMRA promote listing your pub to help to protect it from demolition or change of use with your local Council as an Assets of Community Value (ACV).


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How to add your pub as an Asset of Community Value

Either download a form from CAMRA’s website and CAMRA will help and submit to your local Council or contact your local Council for their form, complete this and CAMRA will help with your application providing land registry documents required.


Why is an Asset of Community Value so important?

  1. To give you a voice over what occurs to pubs in your local community.  If your local pub is threatened you will be consulted.
  2. Permitted development rights are removed if your pub is listed ensuring protection for your pub in planning law if it becomes under risk.
  3. You will be connected with MP’s and Councillors, local groups and members of the community to campaign to protect your local pub.
  4. Positive engagement with licensees.


Is your pub listed as an Asset of Community Value?

CAMRA’s website has a list of pubs that have been listed as an Asset of Community Value.

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