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Are You Buying a Pub? 

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High Street Pub

3 Important Facts

Everyone should know when Buying a Pub

1. Don't buy a pub building with property problems - it will cost you lots of money

2.  Don't believe anything anyone says who has a vested interest in selling the Pub 

3. Go and Work in the Pub to see what profit the Pub is really making


Pubs for Sale - when Buying a Pub a Building Survey is essential

If you are buying a Pub to either continue as a Pub or change to a restaurant, night club, hotel or convert to a home then a Building Survey is essential as it will identify any property problems, give you solutions and anticipated costs.  The Pub Building Survey will enable you to make an informed choice and also can be used to negotiate on the price of the pub saving you money.

Are you looking at Freehold Pubs for Sale or Leasehold Pubs? - we can help You make the right decision with a pub building survey.  Whether you are looking at running a Traditional Ales Pub, Destination Pub, Sports Pub, Community Pub or Specialist Pub our Pub Building Experts can help You.


10 reasons why a Pub Survey will help You 

10.   Pub Surveys Fast - Free Phone 0800 298 5424

Do you need to make a quick informed decision on a Pub?

Our Pub Building Surveyors will carry out a full structural survey responding quickly to your request and provide a full survey report within a few days. 


A Pub Building Survey will enable You to make the right decision for Your new Pub.


Buying a Pub

9.   Meet Your Pub Surveyor

We recommend meeting your Pub Surveyor at the Pub

On the day of the Pub Survey our Pub Surveyors are always happy to meet you at the Pub to talk first hand about any property defects.


You will also be able to talk about space maximising ideas for any amendment or extension plans, marketing ideas and energy efficiency solutions.

Pub survey saves you time and money

8.   Unique Pub Surveys Sketches - Free Phone 0800 298 5424

Are you worried your new Pub may have costly property defects?

Our pub surveys with our unique survey sketches will ensure you are fully informed of any property defects.


We have commissioned hand drawn survey sketches which we exclusively include in our pub surveys to ensure you fully understand any pub building problems or characteristics.

Ponding on flat roof


  7.   Hundreds of Pub Survey Photos

Our Pub Surveys include lots of survey photos

Using the latest digital cameras and including aerial view 360 photos our Pub Surveys ensure you are fully aware of any property defects or characteristics.


We use coloured circles to pinpoint the area of concern, which helps to ensure you have a full understanding and are aware of where the issue is.

pub roofs

6.   Free Example Pub Surveys

Take a look at example Pub Surveys

If you are unsure whether to have a pub survey then take a look at some of our free example surveys.


We will send you an example of a pub similar in age, type and style to the one you are looking at so you can see the depth and high quality of our surveys.

Example Pub Survey

Click hereexample survey

Example Pub Survey

Click hereexample survey

Example Pub Survey

Click hereexample survey

5.   3D Models and Floorplans - Free Phone 0800 298 5424

Are you planning an extension or change to the pub floorplan? 

Our Pub Surveyors will provide you with 3D models and floorplans to enable you to visualise your pub plans.


A 3D model will ensure you and your builder are on the same page which is essential - a 3D model will help save time and money limiting costly later amendments.


3D model pub extension

4.    Independent Pub Surveyors

We are Independent Pub Surveyors

You will be surprised how many Surveyors are tied into Commercial Estate Agencies, Banks, Mortgage companies.


All our Pub Surveyors are Independent, which means we are 100% impartial working for you and only you - we have your best interests at heart.


Independent Pub Surveyors

  3.    Plain English Pub Surveys

Easy to understand, jargon free pub surveys

We use a common sense approach to writing our pub surveys ensuring that by using plain English rather than lots of technical terms you are fully aware of any structural issues.


All our pub surveys include lots of photos, sketches and full descriptions of any property issues.

wind driven rain problems

 2.   Energy Efficiency Solutions

Are you worried about how energy efficient your new pub will be?

With ever rising energy costs the energy efficiency of your new pub is of paramount importance.


All our Pub Surveyors use the latest surveying technology including thermal imaging cameras to ensure accurate analysis and will provide you with energy efficiency solutions.


thermal issues

  1.   Experts with Listed Pubs and all Era's, types and styles of Pubs  Free Phone 0800 298 5424

Are You Buying an old Listed Pub or modern Pub?

Whether you are buying a historic Listed Pub building, Victorian Pub or Modern Pub a pub survey is essential.


Our Pub Surveyors have many, many years of experience with all Era's of pubs and will give you peace of mind with a survey.

Don't buy a pub with property problems - buy a pub survey


pub surveyors


Thank You


Good Luck



Thank you for reading our Pubs for Sale web page, which we hope you have found helpful.

We wish you well with finding your perfect Pub - if you have any questions just call us for a friendly chat on

Free phone 0800 298 5424 

we literally have hundreds of examples of pubs we have surveyed and may well have previously surveyed the pub you are looking at.