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Pub Conversions and Extensions 

Do you know if  your pub, restaurant or hotel has been altered and extended over the years? 

If your pub has been extended or altered, as many or most have over the years, it can be a great improvement for increasing trade but often it can cause problems with the original property. Unfortunately these problems will need resolving sooner or later.


If you are buying a Freehold Pub then it is to your benefit to resolve these problems in the best way possible which does not always mean the most expensive option.


If you have a Leasehold Property then often it is best to resolve the problems so that you benefit from the property at its best instead of having to make repairs at the end of the lease and passing any benefit to the landlord or future tenant. 


Can extending your Pub, Coffee Shop or Restaurant increase your trade? 

Over the years we have been involved with many extensions and alterations which help increase trade. We are in the great position of having surveyed pubs week after week and can therefore see which extensions and alterations are successful in the long term and which are the best value. Please contact us if you would like to know more.     


Pubs Closing Down and Change of Use         

Change of use articleChange of use articleWhen pubs are sadly no longer viable operating as pubs they can often be purchased for other uses. Our Building Surveyors have experience of surveying pubs that have been purchased, for example, to be converted into a residential house or flats. To do this would require a change of use from a leisure use class A4 to a residential use class C3.


Obtaining permission to change use of a commercial building to a residential building used to be a difficult process but due to current housing shortages and the amount of unused commercial properties the process can now be easier in some areas.  

Design advice for your Pub, Restaurant, Hotel or Coffee Shop 

We can offer helpful design advice with regards to changing the appearance of the property to make the building more aesthetically attractive to the eye. Equally if the property is a concept design we have been involved with many roll-outs of restaurants, coffee shops and cafes. Our independent Surveyors have also worked with owners and landlords of themed pubs and hotels with a variety of property requirements and issues.We are always happy to help and advise with your particular situation.


Call us on 0800 298 5424 for a friendly chat with one of our experienced, expert Pub Surveyors