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Pub quizzes

Pub Quizzes

The most serious pub quiz that a pub leaseholder or owner will ever do when they lease or buy a pub


Firstly, if you are a pub quiz writer looking for quiz questions our apologies and you will have to carry on searching, that is of course unless you want some quiz questions about pubs themselves.   As Independent Building Surveyors we do know a great deal about pubs as we regularly survey pubs and consider ourselves specialists in the pub, restaurant and hotel market.  In fact when we carry out pub surveys we often think of these as 3D puzzles.  Here are a few pub quiz questions for those of you who are interested in buying or leasing a pub.

Good luck with your pub quizzes.


Hardish Pub Quiz Questions




What relatively common phrase refers to the government tax scheme of the time and is still in use today that is property related?


Daylight robbery – the phrase came from the window tax where you were taxed on the number of windows you had so you simply used to block up the windows.



Describe a Tudor building built in Tudor times and in particular make reference to what the walls looked like?


Tudor propertyTudor buildings were not black and white as popularly believed they were all one colour, usually being rendered or having a lime wash.



Who made Tudor buildings black and white?


When you think of a Tudor building you think of a very familiar sight of black timbers and white render or pargetting, they were never built in this way.

The Victorians

Remember that properties were not only a status symbol based upon how light a property was properties

were also a status symbol based upon style.












































Our Information on Buying a Pub can help you  - take a look 




What is Flemish bond brickwork?




Flemish Bond brickwork

The term "Flemish Bond" relates to the way the bricks are bonded together and have a pattern visible from the outside of the property that shows the end of the brick (header), then the side of the brick (stretcher), then the end of the brick, then the side of the brick, and this pattern repeats course after course, i.e. header-stretcher, header-stretcher.






















Flemish Bond Brickwork    


When was Flemish bond brickwork used?


On older properties pre War years.



What is a peg tile?




This is an older style tile on a roof, which is secured with pegs.

We used to build buildings using pegs, Blacksmiths then started using nails and were a revolution at the time and moved onto round nails with the Industrial Revolution in approximately the 1890s and wire nails used from the 1920s.

We regularly carry out building surveys on properties that use peg tiles.
























Peg roof tile    


The Romans first used square nails made by Blacksmiths but when was the most popular era when square cut nails were used?


1820s to 1900s



When did the Great Fire of London start?


Extra points if you can give the day, month and year and where it started.

The Great Fire of London started in Pudding Lane in a Baker’s shop on Sunday 2nd September 1666.


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Easy-ish Pub Quiz Questions




Where and why would you find a mummified cat in a property?


Mummified cats are found in the chimneys of older properties and are said to warn off spirits.  Yes, we have found one during the course of our surveys!



Older buildings are Listed there are several different grades of property can you name the different listings?


Grade I

Grade II*

Grade II



As a harder question you could ask the pub quiz contestants to expand on the different types of Listed buildings.


Grade II* Listed pubGrade I Listed Buildings are of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to e internationally important.

Grade II* Listed Buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest.

Grade II Listed Buildings are nationally important and of special interest.


Yes,  we do regularly carry out surveys on older Listed properties.



What is the difference between a Listed building and a building in a Conservation area?


The answer is almost given away in the question in that the Conservation area is an area where there are older properties and is not necessarily one that is significant but it is the pattern of building overall that is significant. 

Listed buildings tend to have specific listings giving the date and key features via the Grade of Listing with Grade I being the highest with most features tending to be identified although it has to be said that we have surveyed pubs and properties where features have been added to give the property character which we do not believe were original.  Equally when surveying roofs of older properties we have found wattle and daub and such detailing indicating that they are far older.



What is a Party Wall and how does it affect you? 


Party wall separates buildingsA structure, which both parties enjoy the use of or benefit from.  An example of this would be where both parties gain support from a wall or utilise a chimney or chimneys.

Any work to party structures, such as party walls or party chimney stacks, require agreement under the Party Wall Act.  



When was the Party Wall Act Etc made national?


The Party Wall Act Etc became national in 1996 and has been used predominately in London for many centuries. 



The Party Wall Act is a very old Act as mentioned in one of Shakespeare’s plays which play is this?


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This is why the Surveyors Club that deals with Party Walls is called the Pyramus and Thisbe Club, which was formed in 1974.



What is the average size of a house in the UK?


Clue:  Think Victorian as we have more of these properties than any others in the UK

80 sq m or 861 sq ft 


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Brewery Questions old and new




Can you name where Lacons Brewery was based?


Great Yarmouth


For an extra point can you name when Lacons Brewery was revived?


Pub photo bar2013


 Where was the first purpose built mass production breweries built in the UK?


 Chiswell Street in the City of London


For another point can you name the Brewer that created the first purpose built mass production brewery?


 Samuel Whitbread


And for a further point in which year was the first purpose built brewery built?




Which year was Britain's oldest operating brewery founded?




What is the name of Britain's oldest brewery? 


Shepherd Neame Brewery


Where in Britain will you find the Shepherd Neame Brewery?


Faversham, Kent


When did Wetherspoon open their first pub and where?


In 1979 the first Wetherspoon pub was in north London in Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill although was later sold.

The Rochester Castle in Stoke Newington, north London opened in 1983 and is the oldest J D Wetherspoon Pub still open.


Which year did Charles Wells move their brewery from Horne Lane to Havelock Street Bedford? 




Name the four gentlemen that established Admiral Taverns and their relationship to each other?


Brothers David and Elliot Rosenberg

Father and son Alan and Gary Landesberg


Where is Greene King Brewery?


Pub photoBury St Edmunds, Suffolk


How many beer brands are available in the UK?


4,000 according to the BBPA


Which Brewery is synonymous with Henley, Oxfordshire?


Brakspear Brewery although closed in 2002 and moved to Wychwood Brewery site


Punch Taverns were founded by Hugh Osmond and Roger Myers which businesses were they previously known for?


Hugh Osmond was head of Pizza Express 

Rogers Myers was founder of Cafe Rouge


Young's rebranded their tenanted estate - what was the new name?


Ram Pub Company


Licensed trade letting and sales agents Fred Barrett & Son were based in Luton, Bedfordshire for 100 years where did they move to?


Ampthill, Bedfordshire


When was the first hop picking machine used in England and by which grower?


Imported from America in 1922 a Worcester grower used a hop picking machine for the first time in England.


Where and why were a variety of hops called hedgerow hops developed?


Wye College, Kent Horticulture Research International and hop growers developed hedgerow hops.  The benefits are they grow less high than traditional hops to 8 feet instead of 20 feet making them cheaper to establish and quick to harvest by machine.  Hedgerow hops also do not need as much chemical input and attract beneficial bugs and insects.


Name three London micro breweries?


Kernel Brewery, Bermondsey, London. SE1

The Horseshoe, Hampstead, London. NW3

The Florence, Herne Hill, London. SE24


Where was Fremlins Brewery based?


Maidstone, Kent


In the 1980s there were six large breweries/companies that accounted for 80% of all beer, which six were they?


Allied Lyons



Grand Metropolitan

Scottish & Newcastle



Where was Tennents Brewery originally?




Where was Mackeson's Brewery originally?


Hythe, Kent


Where was Flowers Brewery originally?


Pub interior photoLuton, Bedfordshire


Where was Duttons Brewery?


Blackburn, Lancashire


Where was the Hope and King Brewery?




Where was Threlfalls Brewery?




Where was Bentley's Yorkshire Brewery?




Where was Strong & Company Brewery?




Where was Brickwoods Brewery?


Portsmouth, Hampshire


Where was Starkey, Knight & Ford Brewery?


Bridgwater, Somerset



Take a look at Public Houses we have surveyed 






Pub History Questions




Who invented the first beer pump? 


John Lofting


Which year was the first beer pump invented?




Which year was the first tax on beer introduced?


 1188 AD


Which year was The Licensed Trade Charity established?




Who invented optics?


 OpticsOptic, Optic Peral, Optic Jade and OpticOpal are owned by IMI Cornelius (UK) Ltd and are trademarks of Gaskell & Chambers


When did alehouses, inns and taverns become known as Pubs? 


 During the reign of King Henry VII (1457-1509)


Which year was the Act that required innkeepers to have a licence to run a Pub?




Name a Pub in Rye, Sussex that is said to be haunted?


Mermaid Inn has parts of the Pub dating back to 1156 and is said to be haunted


Which is oldest Pub in Bedfordshire?


Several lay claim including The Ship in St Cuthberts St, Bedford which dates back to the 17th century with medieval masonry dating back even earlier to the early 1400s


In World War II The Ministry of Food classified three breweries only as being National in regard to use of resources which were they?






When were metal kegs introduced?


Metal kegs



When did metal kegs account for 50% of the beer market, much to CAMRA's horror?




When did the Monopolies and Mergers Commission (MMC) change brewing in the UK?



There were concerns about a monopoly voiced back as far as 1709


Broadly outline the restrictions the Monopolies and Mergers Commission (MMC) placed upon breweries and pub ownership?


Broadly speaking the Monopolies and Mergers Commission (MMC) limited the number of public houses that brewers could have and have a direct influence over.


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Pub Architecture Questions




What are the main features of a Tudor Pub?


Tudor timber frame pubTimber frame with infill panels, timber beams with rooms for travellers.  Balconies created extra floor space which was not subject to ground rent which was levied during the Tudor period.



What are the main features of a Victorian Pub?


 Victorian Pubs had flamboyant interiors often with etched glass, tiled walls and decorated mirrors.  The exteriors were ornate, Italian Renaissance style with sliding sash windows and a corner turret was typical of this era.



What are the main features of an Georgian Pub?


 Georgian Pubs were well portioned, clean straight lines and symmetry with stucco decoration and rows of windows.  


                                          Read our Review of a survey of a large Pub needing major repairs arrow                                            




How to run a Pub or not run a Pub Questions




What is a PubCo?


A PubCo is not involved in the manufacture of beverages and is involved in retailing.



What is a Pub Chain?


A Pub Chain is a group of Pubs run by either a PubCo or a Brewery



What is the most popular Pub name in the UK?


 Red Lion



Why did Pubs have signs with their names originally?


Pub signPub signVery few people could read thereby a hanging sign depicted a pub and in the late 1300s a law was passed by Richard II that all ale houses should display signs so that the ale connor would be able to instantly recognise them to carry out his inspection.



Which qualifications do you require to be able to run a Pub?


Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT) courses are run by the British Institute of Innkeeping

Personal Licence

Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders

Disclosure and Barring Service certificate

Training course such as CPL Training or Building Your Business (BYB) run by Enterprise



Name three organisations that help people in the Pub trade?


British Institute of Innkeepers (BII)

British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA)

Federation of Licensed Victuallers Associations (FLVA)


When was The Licensed Trade Charity established?




When did The Licensed Trade Charity receive its Royal Charter?




What does CAMRA stand for?


 Campaign for real ale although originally it was the Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale


Do you know how many gallons are in the following barrels? 



  A Pin barrel?   

4.5 gallons

  A Firkins barrel?   

9 gallons

  A Kilderkins barrel?   

18 gallons


What was the largest Butt barrel that was in common use?


108 gallons


Name some beers which have competed against Guinness?



Whitbread Double Brown


What was the famous beer slogan for Whitbread Double Brown?


Warming you when you are cold

Stimulating you when you are tired

Refreshing you when you are hot


What was the famous beer slogan for Heineken?


Heineken refreshes the parts that other beers cannot reach


Can you name some other beer slogans?


Budweiser – Where there’s life, there’s Bud

Carlsberg Beer – Probably the best beer in the world

Foster’s Lager – The Taste of Australia

Bud Light – Party right with Bud Light

Miller – It’s Miller time! and If you got the time we got the beer

Miller Light – Everything you always wanted in a beer… and less

Guinness – Guinness is good for you and Guinness gives you strength and I feel like a Guinness – I wish you were here

Corona – Some might say the taste is also miles away from ordinary


Name the main Pub Leasing Companies?



Greene King

Charles Wells

Punch Taverns

Star Pubs & Bars

Wellington Pub Company

Marston's PLC

Trust Inns

Inn Business Group PLC


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