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Charles Wells

  Charles Wells      


CHARLES WELLS BREWING AND PUBSCHARLES WELLS BREWING AND PUBSCharles Wells is a brewery with a portfolio of pubs in the UK founded by Charles Wells in 1876 in Bedford, Bedfordshire.  The family run brewery has passed down from generation to generation and has built up a group of brands including Wells Eagle IPA, Wells Bombardier English Premium Beer and further diversifying with a Japanese lager Kirin Ichiban.  More recently Charles Wells formed Wells & Young's Brewing Company Ltd connecting this venture with Young's brewery division and then including brands such as Young's Bitter, Courage Best and Courage Best within their range.  


Expansion came further in the form of an acquisition of the Scottish brewers McEwan's and Younger's who were founded in Edinburgh in 1856 bringing with this venture a new market and new brands including McEwan's Red, McEwan's Signature and McEwan's Champion ale to name but a few.



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  Charles Wells   CHARLES WELLS is the Bedfordshire Brewery with pubs selling their popular brands such as Eagle and Bombardier with many years of experience in the pub trade.