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Punch taverns


Punch Taverns

Punch Taverns was founded in 1997 by Hugh Osmond and Roger Myers and quickly became on of the UK's largest pub and bar operators with a wide portfolio of pubs across the UK. Punch had purchased the Bass Plc portfolio of pubic houses and later Allied Domecq's pubs then formed Punch Retail for its managed pubs to later rename Punch Retail to become Spirit Group.   Punch Pubs was formed for its leased and tenanted pubs.

Why were so many pubs being sold?

Changes brought about by the government whereby making the market more competitive meant that many of the large brewers who owned large portfolios of pubs sold some of their pub stock. The 1989 Beers Order brought about the restriction of owning no more than two and a half thousand pubs per brewer as well as restrictions on the operational side of the pubs the brewers retained too.  Brewers then focused more on expansion and development of their beverage portfolio such as Whitbread.

Punch Taverns growth

Punch Taverns growth continued with the acquisition of pubs from Greene King, Honeycombe Leisure, Conquest Inns and further pub operators as well as the substantial investment in the acquisition of Pubmaster with its large portfolio pubs.  Renaming took place again this time with Punch Pubs becoming Punch Taverns and further growth with the acquisition of Innspired Group although some of the portfolio was later sold.



Punch Taverns have a huge portfolio of pubs

Whether you are looking to run a community Pub, High Street Pub or destination Pub Punch Taverns wide and varied portfolio of pubs has options within all of these categories.

Our Pub Surveyors are experts in all eras, types and styles of Pubs

From traditional country Pubs with charm but sometimes hidden property issues to town High Street Pubs with imposing facades and whether modern or historic often with some property problems a survey carried out by our Pub Building Surveyor will not only save you time but money too.  A Pub business is often a risky business to be in so why put yourself in any further risk by not having one of our Schedules of Condition appended to your lease?  The condition of the Pub you take on from day one is not necessarily the condition as set out within the lease and by having a Schedule of Condition from one of our Pub property expert Surveyors will protect you and limit your future liabilities.