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Ram Pub Company


Ram Pub Company

Young's tenanted estate of Pubs was rebranded Ram Pub Company in 2014 with a new approach to their business marketing and communicating with their tenants and customers.  The name Ram was chosen as Young's brewery in Wandsworth was the Ram Brewery and is thought to be one of the country's oldest breweries as it was established by Humphrey Langridge in the 1550s. The Ram Brewery closed in 2006 with the site being redeveloped by Minerva who were subsequently acquired by Delancey Real Estate and Ares Management then another new owner the Chinese property developer Greenland Holdings Group.



Review of Ram Pub Company website

The Ram Pub Company website is, in our opinion, a clear and simple format whereby surfers landing on their home page are quickly divided into those interested in Ram Pub Company pubs and those interesting in running a pub.  

The layout is clear and professional and when searching for a Pub to run the information is easily found with a great photo gallery and location map making the search easier for those looking for a Pub.  If looking for a Pub to visit then similarly the information is set out in a clear manner with all the details a visitor could need including links to social media which is a way that the Ram Pub Company can build up a relationship with their customers which is very important in keeping clientele as well as gaining new clientele.


Young's Beers

  Young's Bitter  With an advertising slog of natural brewing excellence Young's Bitter is Young's heritage beer
  Young's Ram Rod  With reference to the Ram Brewery named after the Dorset Horn ram that was present in the brewery stables
  Younger's Tartan Special  A Scottish dark ale that is sweet and fruity
  Young's Special  Young's Special is brewed using hop varieties British Fuggle and Goldings  
  Young's London Gold  As the name suggests golden in colour Young's London Gold is full flavoured and light 
  Young's WInter Warmer  A seasonal brew this ruby beer is rich and full bodied
  Young's Double Chocolate Stout  Using dark chocolate Young's Double Chocolate Stout is an award winning brew full of flavour and a bottled beer to rival other stouts in the market. 
  Young's Special London Ale Young's Special London Ale matures in the bottle as it is a living unpasteurized beer giving a fresher taste and is smooth and rich.

Leasing a Pub?  

Then a Schedule Condition from one of our experienced Pub Building Surveyors is essential as it will save you time and money limiting your future liabilities.  Call us today for a chat as we can help you 0800 298 5424